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Tony believes that most gyms miss the “personal” in personal training and that one size does not fit all when it comes to exercise.  Each client needs an individualized plan to reach their full potential.  With that in mind, he opened Body Science PFT in 2005 and has never looked back.  What started as a handful of like-minded fitness enthusiasts had grown into a family dedicated to creating and inspiring healthier lives.  Body Science offers exercise and restorative options as broad as any large fitness center but all delivered in a personal way.  Keep your ears open when working out with Tony.  As a lifelong student of life itself, it’s not if you will learn something new, but what you will learn!  Tony’s deep knowledge of health and fitness are yours for the taking – if you have any energy left to listen – during his fast and functional workouts.  In addition to training certifications, Tony obtained his post-rehab specialist and corrective exercise certification in 2002.  He is also certified in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University.