The New Normal

     As I write this blog I am literally speechless. I can't quite articulate the immensity of thoughts, emotions, fears and uncertainty I am experiencing simultaneously at this moment. I, like most of you, have been shuttered in the house with absolutely no clue what to truly expect going forward. I just opened a business... We were doing great! We were finally in our dream space after waiting what seemed an eternity to finally be constructed and built out. Then, two months later, closed indefinitely.
    Our team has never spent so much time apart. Maybe a week, maybe one of us, but going into our third week of home confinement is an experience like never before. We have become so attached to each other, like family over the years, as interconnected as a woven cloth, eclectic, colorful, forged with a bond of friendship, uniquely textured into the fabric of small business. 
     We've had to figure out an entirely new way to service our clients. It's so surreal. A few weeks ago I was talking to a marketing company about my business. He wanted to know what made us different, why we were unlike the rest. I told him what I believed to be the uniqueness of our business. I told him that the greatest value our business offered was a genuine sense of true community. A place where everyone cared.  A venue of inclusion, of celebration, of hard work and success. A place where everyone knows you personally, where everyone greets you at the door.
Yes, The hardest part of all this is not being able to see you, our Body Science fitness family. The ones we're so used to laughing with, motivating, encouraging, and sharing with everyday, The diehards that were with us the whole way. Through times of uncertainty, as we embraced the hardship of loosing our location after 15 years in Wilmette. Then the relocation to a homely interim space about half the size our operation needed. Yet, you stood by us and made the most out of every moment.
     How happy we were to finally present to you the gym you truly deserved. A place that we could forever call home. And now this. Complete separation. Social distancing and Personal Training are just not compatible terms. The Covid 19 epidemic is very real and demands all of our complete cooperation to end this viscous assault as quickly and efficiently as possible. And it will be done as a collective accomplishment of each of our sacrifices. 
     In the meantime, we continue to send out emails, make calls and text hoping to encourage our members to try a new way to train, a new path towards achieving your goals. A new way to share in your journey. All while realizing that no matter how much we wish for the things to be able to go back to what they used to be, we must find a way to embrace our new normal.
Tony Duncan


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